Friday, April 13, 2007

Evolution Begins With a Decision

This is an open letter to all men currently in the process of getting divorced, and especially to those who are struggling to move their life forward. I know your pain and frustration. I understand your sense of loss and injustice. I can relate to the uncertainty in front of you. Amidst all this upheaval, and uncertainty, I want to let you know that you, my friend, are not alone. There are thousands, I fear, like you and I. Paralyzed. Scared. Depressed. Guilty. Needy. Shot.

Well, let me tell you that I'm tired of feeling like this. Period.

I have made the decision to let my divorce become the most empowering experience of my life. My divorce is now an opportunity for me, at age 36, to re-define my life; to take my life back, as cliche's go. I will create a life that is driven by my desires, needs, and goals. I will create this life by respecting my beliefs, appreciating my needs, and valuing relationships with other people. And I will no longer live in fear of the future.

A great piece of advice that a mentor once gave me was "when you learn something that improve your life, stop and try to teach it to at least three people right away." The idea behind this law of evolution is that things that are good for your life are typically good for others; when you teach someone something that enriches their life you enrich your own. Well, I am here to share my life experience, be honest about what has worked for me and what has not, and be real with my words. My greatest hope for this endeavor is that I achieve all I set out to do, and that my experience empowers those of you ready for a change to move your life foward.

Evolution, whether we realize it or not, simply requires a decision to change. I have made mine, and hopefully my journey can help you make yours.

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